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The Simulacrum

The Simulacrum is a dataset that contains artificial patient-like cancer data to help researchers gain insights. The Simulacrum imitates some of the data held securely by the Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service. The data is synthetic and does not contain any information about real patients. It is free to use and allows anyone who wants to use record-level cancer data to do so, safe in the knowledge that while the data feels like the real thing, there is no danger of breaching patient confidentiality.

Pathway Toolkit

The Pathway Toolkit is a suite of software tools that enable access to patient-level data across their cancer pathway. The Toolkit has a wide range of views and filters to create comparisons and includes national benchmarking data.

Brain Tumour Dashboard

The Brain Tumour Data Dashboard is an interactive online chart which shows the latest data released on brain tumours by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS). Health Data Insight developed the dashboard in partnership with the brainstrust.


This research aims to investigate the causes of missed cancers by auditing PCCRCs with each colonoscopy service. The ultimate goal is to reduce the rate of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancers and thereby improve bowel cancer outcomes.

CanGene CanVar

HDI is pleased to be contributing to the CanGene CanVar programme, a five-year project to centralise data and create an interface between the NHS and research groups which will underpin future expansions in genetic testing.