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HDI is pleased to be contributing to the CanGene CanVar programme, a five year project to centralise data and create an interface between the NHS and research groups which will underpin future expansions in genetic testing.

Further details:

It is now possible to identify individuals who have an inherited genetic cancer susceptibility. Effective targeting of resources for enhanced screening and/or prevention to those at highest a priori risk can prevent cancer and save lives.

The aim of the programme is to ensure the best evidence available today is applied effectively and consistently across the national NHS clinical-laboratory system.

HDI staff are assisting with work on analyses of life-course datasets linking pan-UK NHS laboratory CSG mutational data to longitudinal Cancer Registry and HES (Hospital Episode Statistics).

Full details of this project are available on the CanGene-CanVar website: https://www.cangene-canvaruk.org

In collaboration with:

The Insititute of Cancer Research, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, University of Southampton, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, St George’s, University of London.




  1. New research resources for analyses of cancer risk and outcomes associated with cancer susceptibility genes (CSGs)
  2. Improving accuracy of risk assessment of genetic variants in CSGs
  3. Consistent evidence-based management of elevated genetic cancer risk across UK clinical settings
  4. Empowering of participatory patient clinical decision-making
  5. Training across broad clinical groups (primary care, oncology clinicians, geneticists) around genetic cancer susceptibility and how best to contextualise and communicate on genetic risk to improve patient care.

Associated Publications:

Long-term health outcomes of bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in women with personal history of breast cancer

Hend Hassan; Tameera Rahman; Andrew Bacon; Craig Knott; Isaac Allen; Catherine Huntley; Lucy Loong; Yvonne ...

Second primary cancer risks for female and male breast cancer survivors

Isaac Allen; Tameera Rahman; Andrew Bacon; Craig Knott; Sophie Jose; Sally Vernon; Hend Hassan; Catherine ...
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