About HDI

Health Data Insight is a social enterprise overseen by the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies which ensures we meet our social purpose and that the value we create is protected and used for social good.

Our aim is to:

  • create value for public sector organisations by finding new knowledge from both existing and new sources of information
  • provide a data management and linkage service that allows partners to access information in safe-havens that guarantee the privacy of each individual patient.
  • create visual, internet-based information services and applications that can be easily accessed, used and understood
  • supply organisations with information and services that they can use to understand and help improve their services
  • deliver information to patients in accessible ways to help them improve the ways they choose, access and use services and understand their clinical condition and care.

Our aims and strategic objectives are aligned to NHS and wider government policy to improve transparency and access to data, encourage self-management, enable choice and foster the use of social enterprises to deliver public services.

HDI conducts all its activities openly and transparently and is held to account through its annual report to The Office of the Regulator of health data insight cicCommunity Interest Companies on what it has delivered for its approved communities.