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Pathway Toolkit


The Pathway Toolkit is a suite of tools that can visualise patient pathways using the cancer data held in the National Cancer Registration and Analysis (NCRAS) dataset.  It allows individual patients to be tracked from first presentation to diagnosis and onwards through treatment and outcomes irrespective of where they are seen in the NHS.

Further details:

What can the Toolkit do?

The Pathway Toolkit allows exploration of cancer patient journeys through all NHS hospital trusts and Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs).  For example, analysis of the sequence and timing of diagnostic and treatment events at cohort and patient level e.g. audit interval protocols or identification of the events causing delays.

It can also be used to be display the whole care pathway taken by patients and so to compare timeliness of referrals between trusts, variation in order of diagnostic and treatment events and patient level details to investigate outliers in a population.

It is possible to analyse and compare multiple fields e.g. routes to diagnosis by stage or survival by stage with treatment events.

What can the Pathway Toolkit help with?

  • Identifying variation in pathways and their subsequent outcomes (leading to identification of improved pathways, increased survival or comparison to best practice pathways)
  • Generating and testing hypotheses of causes of variation and best practice
  • Improving data quality by identifying anomalies.

Who can use the Toolkit?

This Toolkit needs to be used within a secure NHS or clinical environment as it uses identifiable patient information. If you are interested in using the Toolkit in your Trust or Alliance, please get in touch for further information or to arrange a demonstration.

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