These are exciting times.  More than ever before, patients, the public and healthcare professionals need access to information to make informed choices and ensure high quality care.

The team at HDI understands the NHS and how it works or sometimes does not.  We are experts in finding and joining up complex healthcare data and we use this to gain insight and an understanding of how care is delivered.

We develop software tools to help present information in an accessible way and we work with a range of customers in the NHS, local government, charities and industry to help them understand and access healthcare information.

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"Making healthcare information work for people"

The Simulacrum is launched

This new database revolutionises the way scientists and researchers investigating cancer analyse the disease. The Simulacrum, so called because it artificially simulates real data about cancer without any risk of individual patients being identified, is a breakthrough...

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HDI: annual symposium

In November 2018, HDI held its annual symposium. Once again the teams excelled themselves by showing the projects they’ve been working on. This years’ hot topics included looking at ways to use primary care prescription data to find people who might be suspected of...

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Our Aims

HDI is a social enterprise that has been set up to act as a trusted and reliable Information Broker. We aim to do three things:

Improve Access

Improve access to data and information to all existing and potential users, providers and commissioners of healthcare services.


Provide Valuable Resource

Help patients and the public to understand the value of their own and other healthcare data by providing guidance and interpretation that supports informed choice and access across healthcare providers.

Improve Care Pathways

Support commissioners and providers in the delivery of improved care pathways and outcomes to ensure the community receives the best care.

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