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N- and K-RAS gene mutation data collection


HDI collected data about N- and RAS gene mutations to support the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS). 

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The analysis of RAS gene mutations have been shown to be important as somatic mutations in 30% or more of human cancers where it leads to disruption of the GTPase-mediated signalling pathway. There are a range of mutations and deletions that can disrupt the N- and K RAS genes; the molecular characterisation of these is an increasingly important component of the clinical record on cancer patients with lung, colorectal, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, myeloid leukaemia and neuroblastoma.

The project focussed on the collection of patient-level results directly from the testing laboratories to complement the data in the National Cancer Registration Service. In the first instance collecting historical data available and then establishing regular monthly feeds on all new cases.

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Project completed.

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