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cancer prevalence

Cancer Prevalence Statistics for England


Cancer Prevalence counts the number of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis at a fixed point in time.

There are different ways to measure cancer prevalence – a summary of the different methods is available from Macmillan Cancer Support here. HDI have been working with National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) to develop a dashboard and data workbook providing figures for observed (or limited duration) cancer prevalence in England.

Cancer prevalence dashboard.

Cancer prevalence is a product of both cancer incidence and survival and should be interpreted with these factors in mind, especially if making comparisons across different cancer types or populations. For example, a cancer with high incidence of new diagnoses but poor survival outcomes could have similar prevalence to a less common cancer type that has higher survival rates.

HDI Team:

Sophie Jose


In collaboration with: 

NDRS within NHS England

cancer prevalence
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