Our 2021 interns built TheatreCapture, a cheap and simple method of collecting information from operating theatres.


Our interns, Jacob, Laith, Louise, Alex, Jaskirat and Tom worked fantastically as a group for 8 weeks to create an innovative data collection solution called TheatreCapture.  This involves two streams of data collection.  First, they created an app that scans various codes to record information about the patient, location, and any medical implants, which can then be stored in the cloud.  Then clinical data was streamed from the anaesthetic machine using a Raspberry Pi. This means that vital statistics, such as heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, can be linked to the patient data in the cloud, which can be used to create a clearer picture of theatre activities.


Our 2021 internship programme was the first time our interns all worked together collaboratively in the office on a team project.  We had daily stand-ups and regular Problem-Based Learning meetings to keep the project on track and the team all on the same page.  Feedback from interns and other employees alike was very positive, and the atmosphere in the office was buzzy and exciting, with the teamwork aspect often being cited as the best part of the project.


Read more about TheatreCapture here.

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