Rosemarie Gant

When I was training in shorthand and typing before starting my first job, we were told that by the time we started work we would be in the era of the ‘paperless office’. Instead we had the ‘internet revolution’ and the way the world communicated changed out of all recognition. Being a born organiser, I’m rather pleased there is still some paper to push around as well as trying to make sense of, and keep some kind of order in, the digital world.

Rosemarie Gant

Office Manager


Rosemarie has worked for HDI since October 2017 as Office Manager. She looks after day-to-day administratin in the office including accounts, HR matters, travel and conference bookings. She also manages the website which she developed and runs for HDI.

Rosemarie has had a career in administration working for the NHS, Public Health England and Cambridge University. She also ran her own business for many years creating and developing websites for small business clients. Rosemarie started developing websites when they were written just in HTML, before the development of CSS! Now her favourite platform is WordPress for its ease and flexibility.

Spare time interests include spending time with her family, keeping a variety of animals including shetland ponies, chickens and cats. Rosemarie is also a Chair and Trustee for two local history groups.

Education and awards:

College of Media and Publishing
– July 2019: Proofreading and editing course level 4 diploma (merit)

Anglia Polytechnic, Cambridge
– 1997-1999: HNC in Business and Finance





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