Podcast videos of pathology museum specimens


E-pathpots was a project to create podcasts of pathology museum specimens.

The material was produced to support the training and teaching of pathologists and medical students in the UK. It was a collaboration between the Royal College of Pathologists, King’s College London and e-learning for Healthcare, an initiative of the Department of Health, led by Jem Rashbass.

Nearly all the specimens are human material that has been collected over the last three centuries. Many were in pathology museums across London that have now closed and they are now held in the Gordon Museum, at King’s College London. All have been stored and catalogued in accordance with the UK Human Tissue Act 2004.

Where possible, the podcasts will include text from the original case history; in some they will appear dated as the vocabulary and style is from the period in which they were written.

The podcasts show a wide range of diseases; some common today, others rare and exotic including:

  • Tropical Diseases
  • Rare Cardiac Anomalies
  • Historical Specimens
  • Uncommon Diseases

These podcasts have been produced to support the teaching of trainee pathologists and medical students in the UK but are free to anyone with an interest in the pathology of disease.

There are over 300 podcasts available.

Podcast videos are explicit and contain images of human organs.

The podcasts are available in the following locations:

Enter this link into your podcast player:

View the videos at The Naked Scientist website:
The Naked Scientists website under Naked Pathology.

See samples on the e-pathpots Facebook page:
e-Pathpots Facebook page


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The project developers are grateful to Professor Sebastian Lucas for his boundless enthusiasm and knowledge. Professor Harold Ellis for his insights and passion for surgical pathology and normal anatomy. Bill Edwards and all the staff of the Gordon Museum London for their support and advice. The many experts including Sebastian Lucas, Harold Ellis, Mary Sheppard, Ali Winstanley, Simon Cross; Jeremy Thomas, and Mark Arends who have provided voice-overs for the podcasts. Paul Yates, currently a trainee pathologist, who has run this project behind the scenes. Robyn Hardy our photographer. The Naked Scientists for hosting these podcasts.

Produced in association with:

The Royal College of Pathologists, e-Learning for Healthcare, King’s College London, the Naked Scientists.


2012 – 2018


All the podcasts are available on The Naked Scientists site under Naked Pathology. Samples are available on the e-Pathpots Facebook page.

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