Lora Frayling

Lora Frayling

Senior Data Scientist


Lora has a first degree in Economics and Statistics from UCL. She specialized in Data Science by attaining her MSc in Data Science from LSE in 2020.

Lora joined HDI as an intern in 2018 while at UCL and continued to work while studying at LSE. She has experience and keen interest in advanced machine learning and AI methods. She has explored and optimized their applications to privacy preserving data synthesis and prediction of human behaviour from complex longitudinal data.

During her time as an intern at HDI, Lora improved methodologies for creating the Simulacrum, the synthetic data set derived from cancer patient data. Besides technical work, she has provided guidelines (white papers) and held workshops for practitioners to learn about Simulacrum methodology and the scope of its applications. Lora’s current work focuses on developing deep learning methods to generate synthetic Patient Pathway Data.

On the personal side, Lora is avid traveller, interested in socio-economic and language aspects of different cultures. In her gap year she spent 6 months travelling in South America. Besides English, she speaks Spanish and Serbo-Croatian.

Education and Awards: 

2015-2018, BSc Economics and Statistics, UCL

2019-2020, MSc Data Science, LSE



Real-world evidence for patient outcomes and mutational burden in non-small cell lung (NSCLC) cancer patients in England using EGFR biomarker test data from routine clinical care

Hagenaars S, Ingleby FC, Lambova A, Gaultney J, Parimi M, Huynh J, Benson S, Muwaffak M, Jose S, Frayling L, ...

Real-world outcomes and biomarker testing in cancer patients: exploration of a novel genetic database from routine clinical practice in England

Real-world outcomes and biomarker testing in cancer patients: exploration of a novel genetic database from ...

An overview on synthetic administrative data for research

Theodora Kokosi, Bianca De Stavola, Robin Mitra, Lora Frayling, Aiden Doherty, Iain Dove, Pam Sonnenberg, Katie ...


Simulacrum v2

Simulacrum v2

Pathway Toolkit

Pathway Toolkit

The Simulacrum

The Simulacrum

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