Filis Liu

“I aim to help people with health technologies and improve those technologies with users’ feedback.

I solve problems based on both qualitative and quantitative data.

I love learning new skills and meeting new people.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing video games that tell a good story and evoke strong emotions.”

Filis Liu

Social Science Researcher


Filis began her journey by analysing how illnesses are portrayed in literature, igniting her interest in people’s perceptions and experiences of disease. This led her to work as a medical journalist and publish a few features with 20k+ views. To further her research skills and gather insights in the healthcare domain, she pursued a master’s in medical anthropology at UCL.

Currently, Filis is interested in the intersection of technology, health, and society. She enhanced her skills in data analysis and became proficient in R and Python before joining HDI. Her current project at HDI focuses on developing an indoor navigation system for hospitals to improve patients’ and staff’s experiences.

Education and presentations: 

2017-2022, BA in Language and Literature (Top Honours and Full Scholarship), CUHK

2022-2023, MSc in Medical Anthropology, UCL

2023, Presentation at PGR and ECR Symposium, “Colonial Legacies, Contemporary Inequities: Critical Approaches,” hosted by UCL Grand Challenge of Global Health

Further information:

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